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Utilizing advanced AI to ensure your ideal riding posture and bike fit - anytime, anywhere.

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Say hello to the future of cycling comfort and efficiency. Our state-of-the-art bike fitting web app uses a sophisticated convolutional network to analyze your riding posture, delivering personalized recommendations for the perfect bike fit. Whether you are a casual rider or a professional cyclist, our AI-powered trainer ensures your bike is adjusted for maximum comfort and peak performance.

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Why BikeFittr?

A better way to ensure a perfect bike fit


Experience the freedom of mobility with BikeFittr! Our app is designed to be your companion on any device, anywhere. Whether you're on the road tuning your ride or at home planning your next adventure, BikeFittr is always at your fingertips, ensuring the perfect fit for your bike, anytime, anywhere. Ride better, live better with BikeFittr - your pocket-sized bike fitting expert.

Easy to use

Master bike fitting in minutes with BikeFittr! Our user-friendly wizard guides you through the fitting process step by step, making it a breeze to achieve the perfect bike fit. No guesswork, no complexities - just simple, straightforward instructions that make bike fitting as easy as 1-2-3. With BikeFittr, the perfect ride is just a few taps away!

AI based Recommendations

Unlock the power of AI with BikeFittr! Our intelligent system analyzes your bike fitting data to provide personalized tips and recommendations. It's like having a professional bike fitter in your pocket, constantly learning and adapting to help you enhance your ride. With BikeFittr's AI, you're not just getting a good fit, you're getting the smartest fit!

Our App

Experience BikeFittr's 3-step wizard, an intuitive guide revolutionizing bike fitting by accurately assessing your posture, delivering real-time feedback, and personalizing your ride for optimal comfort and performance!

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As Service in your Shop

Offer Premium Service: Stand out by providing a high-tech bike fitting service in your shop.

As Service at Home

Boost Sales: Use our app to assist customers in finding their perfect bike fit, enhancing satisfaction and loyalty.

Helps with Assembly

By leveraging precise at-home bikefitting, riders achieve the perfect setup, significantly reducing returns due to improper bike assembly and fit.

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